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GRIP CLEAN - All Natural Industrial Hand Wash - 420ml


Price: $19.95


GRIP CLEAN is the World’s first ALL NATURAL industrial hand soap powered by DIRT… Literally. It is the world’s first ALL NATURAL, industrial strength hand soap.

It has an all NATURAL, non petroleum based formula which won’t dry and crack skin (ever), is safe to use on your entire body, and GUARANTEED to outperform even your own expectations. Try it for yourself!

While many companies claim to have natural ingredients, this one is the only ones bold enough to admit that it has DIRT in it.


Not normal dirt, but Specially selected Dirt, which happens to be the best substance in the world at absorbing chemicals, oils, grease, and toxins. Not only that, it exfoliates your skin. This allows the dirt to go deep into the pores of your hands, grab and hold onto grease, and rinse clean.

The vegetable based cleaning agent infused with the finest dirt found on Earth cleans better than any soap on the market- GUARANTEED.

Healthy, simple, and easy – now that’s something worth getting dirty for.


  •     Dirt powered formula drives out grease
  •     Highly concentrated formula = LESS is MORE
  •     Natural formula doesn’t dry and crack skin, EVER
  •     One wash and done
  •     Lime essential oil for a crisp scent
  •     Delicate enough to use on entire body

SIZE - 420ML - Good for 50 washes!