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MOTO FUNDAMENTALS (How To Ride Dirt Bikes)

MOTO Fundamentals is a 'how to ride a dirt bike' dvd, with over 2 hours of training and information.

Brought to you by the combined force of the best riders and mechanics in motocross, this is the MX DVD all others are measured against.

Tech How-to's:

On this video are technical how-tos coming from the best mechanics in the pits, from the CAS and MJ Church MX teams, who will show you how to get the best from your bike in the workshop and at the races. Different bike set-ups are fully explained, showing you quick n' easy jobs and complex tasks, plus the pros technical secrets are fully divulged.

Riding How-to's:

And of course, the riding shown here is flat out amazing: Josh Coppins, Billy Mackenzie, Stephen Sword, Gordon Crockard, Carl Nunn, Mark Eastwood, Tommy Searle, and more of Europe's fastest racers tell you how they get it done: track tips, the racing lines, how to ride certain sections, race prep the sports top riders tell you how to ride better, smoother, and faster.

The DVD is tied together by MOTO Magazine editors, with exclusive interviews with all the key riders and stars, along with behind the scenes looks at the Factory set-ups!


60 mins