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This is one sick Supermoto Racing film with intense action coming at you from every angle.

Over a year and a half worth of footage, all set to a killer soundtrack. Scott A. Tugel, the Producer/Director/Cinematographer, has captured this sport like no one else before, putting himself near the path of these powerful dirt bikes, as they come tearing past you.

These bikes are prepared with road racing tires and equipped with some of the most potent dirt bike engines in the world. Severe Racing takes you through every turn of the pavement and every jump of the dirt sections. With this kind of action, viewers really get the feel of what it is like to be riding and racing with some of the hottest riders in this colorful sport.

The intent of the film is to let a broader audience, experience for themselves the sport of Supermoto, first hand and up close. From the hot girls in the pits to the roar of 40 bikes pinning it off the start. See Metzger clearing triples on street tires; sit only inches off the apex, as bikes come screaming at you. Watch Ward backing it in deep and Travis Pastrana ripping through the rhythm section.

Severe Racing has included a special feature titled Moto Morphosis, which is designed to provide riders of all levels, from the Pro to the Beginner, with all of the information they would ever need to Build, Maintain and Race their Supermoto Bike. They filmed a brand new Kawasaki KFX 250 being wheeled off of the showroom floor and stripped it down, only to rebuild it with some of the trickest aftermarket supermoto parts available. The end result is one hot Supermoto machine.

Other special features include great Helmet Cam footage with Frankie Garcia and Casey Yarrow, where you will get weightless over the jumps and feel the G forces of the fast sweeping turns.

Also included are Interviews and words including: Jeff Ward, Travis Pastrana, Micky Dymond, Mark Burkhart, Troy Lee, Ted Baker and Gavin Trippe, the inventor of the sport.


Over 160 mins